New Beginnings Dog Rescue

Success Stories


Zorro is a 1 year old male purebred chihuahua. He was turned in to us because his owners moved to a place that didn't allow dogs. This poor little dog was so confused and sad because he didn't understand why his owners would leave him behind. It took him time to adjust to his new foster mom but once he did, they were inseparable! Zorro was with his foster mom for a few months until a wonderful lady came along and showed him the love he so desperately longed for. In a recent update, Zorro's new mommy had this to say, He's doing great! It took three days to get the potty business back under control but all is great. I think we both had to get used to each other. He has been to Home Depot, Lowes, and other gardens with me on weekends and after work. We run around the yard at lunch and after work. He's great at playing fetch. So glad he came to live with me. I can't thank you enough for bringing Zorro into my life.

Cooper is a bichon / poodle mix puppy that was rescued from a puppy mill. He lived his first couple months in a horrible place but his life changed when he was rescued by some of our volunteers. Cooper is now living in his new home where he is loved and spoiled. He is such a sweet, happy puppy and is so lucky to be living in a wonderful, loving home. Cooper is one of many dogs that were rescued from the puppy mill and is now living as a dog should - in a safe, caring environment where they are well cared for and loved unconditionally. Their lives have been changed forever. We recently received an update on Cooper from his new family.

Cooper is doing very well in his new home.  We are so happy to see him coming out of his shell even more.  He loves to play with Charlee, our Golden Retriever and spends a lot of time each day chewing his rawhide sticks and playing with his new toys.  He likes his new bed, however he likes falling asleep on our lap most of all.

Lucy was rescued from an area shelter when she was very pregnant. In fact, she had nine puppies just days after entering her foster home. Lucy's belly was large but we had no idea that a 14 lb beagle mix would have so many puppies! Lucy was such a wonderful mom. She loved and socialized the puppies so well. All nine puppies turned out to have wonderful personalities just like their mom. All of Lucy's puppies found homes and so has she! She is now living with a very nice couple that spoils her and dotes on her just as Lucy deserves. We hate to think about what would have happened to Lucy and her pups if we hadn't rescued her from the shelter that day. A lof of families have enriched their lives with the love from her adorable puppies. We thank each family for giving Lucy and her puppies a loving, forever home where they won't have to worry about being homeless ever again.